Lauren Evanthia Bernardo founded the Organic Humanity Movement after her experience in politics and working in local government. Having gained insight into how broken the political system is, Lauren realised that there is little hope for South Africa unless a major change takes place politically as well as in the minds of the people of South Africa. In her own words:

"Somehow as a country, we have lost our way. I know that South Africa is full of brilliant minds and people willing to work hard to build a strong nation that has the economic weight to uplift all South Africans out of poverty and to progress to a point where we can be global equals with nations that have only tried to oppress us, or use us for their gain.

My personal priorities are giving all people a strong base upon which they can build their own wealth, ensuring urbanisation is managed in a way that conserves our natural environment as far as practically possible and to ensure those that hold public office are men and women of integrity, an attribute I value above all else. "



The NEC is the Organic Humanity Movement's highest decision making body in The Party. Since The Party does not hold any internal elections, it is up to the NEC to recruit, approve and appoint all Public Representatives. These would include ward councillors, members of parliament, mayoral and provincial candidates, members of provincial legislature and the presidential candidate for The OHM.

The NEC also decides what stances The OHM will take on specific issues as well as deciding on which elections to run in and what to campaign on.