Some of the urgent changes an OHM-lead government would implement for South Africa to improve:

- Psychometric testing and continuous training for all government employees (including government administration, healthcare, education, SAPS and public representatives).

- Cease government funding to political parties and remove any political authority from political parties.

- The President, Premiers, Mayors and Councillors will be elected by the people and not determined by a party.

- Reform the school system to help children grow into adults who can reach their full potential and contribute positively to society.

- Incentivise conscription in an effort to tackle social issues.

- Remove racial classifications from all documents and application forms. All South African Citizens will simply be referred to as South Africans.

- Every South African needs to have access to their own piece of land in order to foster a culture of self-reliance and for people to have the opportunity to create wealth. Land should not be given for free and every citizen has the right to private ownership of land and property.

- The natural wealth of a country needs to benefit all the people and not a few select companies.

- More needs to be done to protect and preserve our environment. Urbanisation needs to be addressed and we have to look at new environmentally-friendly ways of managing urban development.

- A larger emphasis on and increased government funding for sports and arts and culture to develope the youth and teach them principles of success.