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There is much political, social and economic uncertainty in the world. Many believe that the answer to our problems is to strengthen the arm of the government; to make more laws and punish those who digress. We are here as a nationally registered political party to be a voice of reason and stand up for democracy, for liberty and for freedom.

South Africa has one of the most acclaimed constitutions in the world, espousing liberal values and putting human rights above all else. On paper we should be one of the freest nations on earth. Yet in reality we are experiencing oppression in every form.

We believe that a country with resources as abundant as ours should not suffer incalculable debt. A country whose people are willing to work should not be sitting at home, hopeless and depressed. A country as diverse as ours should not be so weak and so accepting of the substandard leadership we have today.

It is time we unite behind a vision; a vision of liberation - liberation for South Africa and liberation for each person. The first step is to build a new way of governance and to transform our political system. Parallel to this mission, is to empower people to be active citizens and to help us realise that the people always have the power. This is what we do:

LIBERATE SA liberatesa
  • Improve our democracy by making changes to the political system.
  • Change the structure of government and determine the parameters in which government should operate.
  • Create, remove or amend current policies in line with The OHM's 6 principles.
  • Recruit, train and prepare respectable, intelligent and qualified candidates for public office in all spheres of governance.
  • Craft an implementable plan to improve government administration.
  • Identify, organise and mobilize OHM members across the country according to OHMEGA structures.
  • Empower communities with knowledge on how government and politics work.
  • Teach and encourage principles of self-reliance and independent living.
  • Give communities the tools they need to solve problems without help from the government or dependence on the economic system.