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We are on a mission to liberate South Africa through revolutionizing governance and empowering the people of SA to take control of their future. Join us as we put South Africa on a path to success!

We know that our plan to liberate SA through completely changing our government and also through empowering the citizens of SA with the right knowledge and skills, is THE ONLY solution for South Africa.

We need your contribution to help the funding of operational expenses of our National Head Office as well as nation-wide campaigning expenses - including IEC fees to contest elections.

Your contribution will help us to become an established political party in SA so that we can change the political system through the democratic process.

We understand that due to the current political system, we are in an economic crisis. That is why we are not asking for large donations. We are looking for small recurring, monthly donations from as little as R20 per month. Your R20 per month contribution is your investment in a successful future for South Africa.

We are not funded by corporations and rely on ordinary people to support the cause of liberation. To achieve a new government in the foreseeable future, we need your help. Become a contributor and help us revolutionize SA.


You will be redirected to Payfast to make your donation. Alternatively you can pay via EFT. Bank Details: The Organic Humanity Movement, Nedbank Current Account, Acc no 118 4199 655, Branch Code 198 765



Team Members


The Organic Humanity Movement was founded on the basis that the political system in South Africa is not only flawed but oppressing our nation. Read on if you would like to be part of the solution:

24 years into Democracy and the quality of life for most South Africans have not improved. Our economy is declining by the day and more and more competent and experienced people are losing their jobs. Crime is at an all-time high, the education system is failing our children and people are left with little hope for the future.

Many people automatically think that more government control is the solution to our problems. At The OHM, we think the opposite. We believe that a smaller government, less tax and less government interference is what will solve at least half our problems.

Half of what we do is to redefine democracy. In other words, work out the proper role of governance. This we do through looking at what makes our system weak to corruption and what about our political system is undemocratic. We also identify and train members of our organisation to be able to take up leadership positions in ogvernment and politics in the future.

Having an improved political-blueprint however is not enough. What this country needs is empowerment. The people need to hold the power because that is how government is held accountable. Knowledge is power and that is why the other half of our mission is to empower the rising generation with the knowledge and skills to rise above their circumstances, to know how to use all their democratic rights and to create prosperity in their local communities.

The largest voter base in South Africa is from the age of 18 to 35 which also happens to be the largest voter base that does not vote!

The young people of this country literally hold within them the power to change the future of our nation. The OHM has put in place a program to teach the rising generation to be leaders, to be problem solvers and to be independent from outside control.

We believe in liberation of the soul, of the mind, of the individual and of the nation.
Strong themes in our education program are Self-Reliance, Nature Conservation and creating cohesive united communities.

Our 6 principles that govern all we do are Liberty, Protection of Life, Respect for the Earth, Self-Reliance, Continuous Progress and National Unity.
Our values, which govern how we implement all we do, is Love, Knowledge, Justice and Action.


We are a national organisation that has mobilised people in almost every province. We need funds to grow and to implement these programs in an impactful and meaningful way. We need funds to cover costs for creating what we call our OHMEGA Units, which is essentially groups of leaders in communities across the country ready to live in a truly democratic society, to hold government acountable and to create personal success in their own lives.
Leadership development, local problem solving and defining the proper role of governance summarizes our main functions. What we will get in the end, is a united, empowered, democratic citizenry that does not wait on some political hero to save the day but rather forges the path ahead, creating a nation that is independent, resilient and prosperous.


By donating to the OHM, you are helping to change the lives of individuals, because we believe that the way to changing the country begins with changing one person at a time.

We have already hosted OHMEGA workshops that have inspired youth to start their own businesses and solve community issues themselves.

OHM gives a genuine hope to South Africans because we awaken within them the knowledge that they are their own heroes. As individuals, we are the solution to South Africa's problems and OHM has provided the roadmap to get there.

Help us liberate SA by donating today.