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Media statement 9 October 2020: For immediate release

The Organic Humanity Movement is a nationally registered political party with the mission to liberate South Africa from oppressive structures and influences. We would like to make our position known to all South Africans regarding globalisation in South Africa, particularly the influence of global organisations on our government.

The Organic Humanity Movement is calling for the withdrawal by South Africa from the following organisations: The United Nations, UNESCO, World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum and all affiliate organisations that are influencing government policy-making and decisions for their own gain.

We believe that the South African government should be autonomous and independent and not bow down to international pressure. We reject South Africa’s National Development Plan which is closely linked to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nation’s Agenda 21 plan for the world.

In response to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech on the 18th of September 2020 stating that he is fast-tracking the UN 2030 goals in SA, we declare his actions a direct attack on our constitutional freedom and sovereignty. Link found here:

There is no country in the world like South Africa. We have a very unique and complicated past and are still suffering the consequences of decades of systematic oppression. We condemn any international influence on South Africa and especially in our government.

As a party we are fighting for decolonizing our political system and decolonizing our economic system. We want to reform the electoral process so that South Africans can vote individually for South Africans to represent them in government and we want a government that creates unique South African solutions to the complex issues we face without any influence from above mentioned globalist organisations.

We believe that South Africans will benefit from a government that can independently solve its own problems. We believe that the interests of many international organisations are contrary to the interests of the country and its people.

Once we have an independent government that is free from globalist control then we can successfully address the issue of land and the issue of our natural resources. We believe that land should be in the hands of the people of South Africa, as land is freedom; and we believe that the nation should benefit from our natural resources as a whole.

We invite South Africans to join us in fighting for the liberation of South Africa and look forward to the day when we can call ourselves a free, independent, resilient and democratic nation without global pressure from the United Nations to govern the country their way, against the interests of South Africans.