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The Organic Humanity Movement aims to pioneer a new way of life in South Africa. We acknowledge the need and advocate for various changes within our democratic system and also see how a societal change will facilitate the country evolving past the nation’s current tumultuous circumstances.

The 6 principles are the very basic building blocks of any civilised society. Any law, policy, cultural tradition or personal belief can be measured against these principles to determine if it belongs in our democracy.

Likewise The OHM uses these 6 principles to shape our stances, policies and decisions within the party and it will most certainly determine how we govern.


People should always be free to choose how they want to live. No government organisation or person has the right to dictate how someone should live. It is government's role to protect the freedom of the people, not take it away.
People may not use their freedom to intentionally harm other people, the natural environment or property.



Our most vulnerable in society needs to be taken care of; this would include the elderly, differently-abled, homeless, addicted, children and babies.
When those in leadership positions govern with the most vulnerable in mind, public spaces and institutions become beautiful, efficient, ergonomic and caring places - improving the quality of life for everyone.



Any future development, whether private or governmental, needs to be done in a way that allows for us to live in better harmony with the earth, within practical parameters.

Government needs to be honest about Environmental Impact Assessments and put our future before greed.



People need to strive to be as independent of corporate and government control, as far as they possibly can. A smaller government, with less regulation and taxes and more liberty for the people means a stronger and thriving economy. The solution to our problems as a nation including all our social ills, is not more government; it is less government.
A united people who are skilled and organised can help each other far more than any government can. No welfare state in the world has ever helped anyone out of poverty. The solution to poverty is self-reliance.




In order to lift ourselves out of the darkness that rests over our nation, we need to pioneer a new era, one of continuous progress and innovation, where no one is satisfied with the status quo and always seeks ways to improve systems, processes and spaces.
Government should lead the way in transforming itself into a modern, inspiring institution that uses technology wisely and beautifies its spaces.



Almost all of us want the same things: a home, enough food to eat, a decent school for the children, a safe neighbourhood to live and raise a family, fullfilling employment and some time and opportunity to enjoy life. We are more similar than we are different. The characteristics that give us our humanity are far stronger than the forces that try to divide us.
The OHM strives to create a new identity for South African culture where different people can find common ground and learn to respect each other and live in peace under a united vision for South Africa.