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founding statement

The OHM has been established because it recognises that the party political system in South Africa is flawed and an alternative way of administrating governance is necessary. The OHM as a political party will advocate for these changes.

The main motivating factors for creating an alternative political system are as follows:

  1. There is no perfect ideology, party, person or government that can provide South Africa with the right solutions for everyone.
  2. Public representatives at all spheres of government represent their parties more than they represent the people.
  3. Democracy in its current state is a ruse. No matter who you vote for, life for the majority remains unchanged.
  4. Even a competent government cannot and should not solve the social ills plaguing society.
  5. Citizens are becoming increasingly willing to give up their freedom in the name of safety.
  6. We as a people and country are powerless against any internal and external threats.
  7. We are living in a form of economic slavery, with just enough comforts to keep us going without making any noise.
  8. Our Parliament is paralyzed because parties are fighting each other instead of doing the work of parliament which is to assess, amend and pass laws to improve the lives of South Africans.


The OHM is a liberal, de-colonising, anti-establishment, liberation, movement

Strictly speaking, the definition of "liberal" is "willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one's own; open to new ideas". The more government promises to solve our problems, the more enslaved we become. The OHM’s aim is to teach specific principles that enable people to govern themselves. The OHM understands that the first most important level of government is the government of the self. National and local governments will always have their place, however will never be all-encompassing and should have a limited role and function so people can be free to live their lives they way they choose.

In order to heal the wounds of the past and in order to create our own South African culture and identity it is imperative that we rid South Africa of strong colonial influences and to replace colonial influences with policies right for our country and unique circumstances.We want to de-colonize all the systems that are oppressing the people of South Africa. This includes the political system, the financial system, the justice system and the education system.

The OHM rejects the conscious and unconscious agendas of corporations and monopolies both locally and internationally. The great divide in South Africa between the rich and poor is largely attributed to the unwarrantedly high salaries and bonuses of CEO’s while  more than half of the population live in poverty unable to provide for themselves or their families. The OHM aims to drastically minimise the wage gap without inhibiting the economy’s progress. We believe in a free market without exploitation. Our right to privacy is arrogantly ignored and trampled upon by global technological giants as well as our very own government, who care only for profit and control.

We do not want the people of South Africa to continue being oppressed by the current political, education or economic system. We want South African solutions driven by South Africans. We want South Africans to benefit from the natural resources of the country. We want to be a strong nation that is built upon strong individuals. We want to grow into a strong, resilient and wealthy nation where no one is oppressed or disadvantaged because of the government’s choices and where people have access to the resources they need to earn a living.

OHM is a nationally registered political party with members all over the country. The idea of “OHM” was started on the 10th of October 2017. On the 14th of December 2018, OHM was officially registered with the IEC as a nation-wide political party.

We appeal to everyone who feels oppressed or afflicted by the current political and economic system to join with us to revolutionize governance so that the people of South Africa can be liberated.